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Digital pathology (DP) – is a practice of digitizing the microscope slides into digital images. This allows pathologists to view high-resolution images on a computer screen, to share them with colleagues for the teleconsultation or to apply modern AI based algorithms for the purpose diagnostics

About histoscan.com
$1.4 billion Digital pathology market is projected to reach by 2026

Histoscan is a digital pathology environment that provides pathologists with options for safe storage and effective management of their digital micro and macro – images, as well as with access to medical images of other type

About ePath

EPATH macro-imaging solution enables pathologists to perform photo, video, and sound recording of a grossing procedure. EPATH can be integrated with the Histoscan 2.0 digital pathology platform and various LIS

Achievements and awards

Award of the Government of St. Petersburg "Best Innovative Product" for ePath 2.0 macro imaging system for pathology


The HistoViewer hardware and software system is the finalist of the Best Innovative Product Contest


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