EPATH macro-imaging solution enables pathologists to perform photo, video, and sound recording of a grossing procedure. EPATH can be integrated with the Histoscan 2.0 digital pathology platform and various LIS.

EPATH fully supports pathologists at the stage of macroscopic examination of surgical biopsy and autopsy material during the grossing procedure. The system includes a patented photo-video recording module with the function of automatic laser calibration that enables pathologists to capture photos and videos, to complete morphometric analysis with increased accuracy.

Mechanical installation can be done at any gross station regardless of its manufacturer.  



  • High quality photo and video capture (Full HD). System control with the use of the foot pedals 
  • Audio recordings for the pathologist's comments. Simultaneous photo and video recording 
  • Manual white balance settings for different lighting conditions in the laboratory
  • Real time video streaming of the grossing process to remote workstations
  • to control the process of capture and description in real time and support educational processes 
  • Remote access from any pathologist’s workstation
  • Tools for morphometric analysis: graphic objects on images, such as morphometric figures, linear dimensions, areas of objects, text annotations, histological cassettes
  • Automatic calibration of the laser rangefinder to ensure measurement accuracy for morphometric analysis
  • Integration with: LIS (import of patient case data by referral barcode, the ability to open a case in the EPATH interface from the LIS) and local computer networks of medical organizations to support data export 
  • Installation on any grossing station


You can learn more about the EPATH functionality on the website https://histoscan.com/en/about_epath/