BioVitrum is building a new manufacture near St.-Petersburg


In 2020, BioVitrum made a strategic decision to build a new production complex. Within the framework of the Baltic Regional Investment Forum BRIEF'20, the Investment Agreement was concluded with the Government of the Leningrad Region “On the favorable treatment in the process of project implementation”. The new manufacture of the company will be located in the Leningrad region, near St.-Petersburg. 

The project of the new complex will allow the company to increase the area of production sites, develop new areas, increase the volume of products, as well as improve the working conditions of employees. The new production area will be more than 10,000 m².

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Vladimir Tsimberg, President of the BioVitrum group of companies:

“I believe that this will be a very powerful breakthrough and that on this site, on this infrastructure, we will be able to solve tasks of a fundamentally different level. We will increase production by several times, launch new types of products, expand the capabilities of laboratories, and take R&D research to a new level. This will allow launching biotech and starting import substitution in new industries.”

The manufacture construction began in August 2021. At the moment, the outer contour of the building is closed and communications are connected. In the near future, it is planned to prepare and lay internal engineering networks and carry out work on finishing the premises. The start of new production is scheduled for early 2023.

All production units will move to the new production complex. All of them will be expanded and renovated.

Manufacture of metal equipment. The area will increase to almost two thousand square meters. The principle of using modern equipment for laser cutting, bending, welding and other stages of the production of metal products will be preserved.

Production of microbiological media "Sredoff". The production area will be increased by 16 times and will be more than 1000 m². The complex will include microbiological and physico-chemical laboratories equipped with modern equipment. The start of work in new production facilities will allow the company to multiply its production volumes within a few years, while improving the quality of products.

Reagents and consumables for histology. The production of consumables will be equipped with new production lines and a modern quality laboratory, which will allow us to multiply the output for our consumers.

The complex will also house a R’n’D laboratory and a quality control department. The project includes a reserve of production capacities, which will further increase production in the future.

The new building will unite warehouses of own production and distribution goods. This will significantly improve the quality and cost of internal logistics operations, including address storage, product traceability, order processing and shipment speed. The warehouse area, with a total area more than ​​2,000 m², will be equipped with a six-tier shelf storage system for products and temperature storage areas for medical products.

Expansion of existing production and warehouse space is a new perspective on BioVitrum's development path, the basis for its long-term and stable development in existing markets and the opportunity to enter new segments and directions.

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